Friday, December 25, 2009

National Parks and Flights to Nigeria

As mentioned by the title of this blog flights to Nigeria. There is no any information about incoming or out going flights to Nigeria. But this is general post about the condition in Nigeria. It is no difficult to get flights reservation for Nigeria. There are many travel organizations which deals in cheap flights booking. With these many of the travel related sites allows you to compare price by different operation for Nigeria and select which you like.

Many businessmen go to Nigeria which is interesting in the products and oil in the land. No doubt Nigeria is blessed with great mineral and agricultural resources. But regarding travel and tourism it is not behind any other destination. Nigeria is a wonderful holiday destination. Magnificent national parks, vast coastline, fascinating sights of the beaches make this land really perfect holiday destination.

Nigerian population consists of different tribes. Regarding vibrant population it has unique status in Africa. People belonging to different religions are exhibit here. You can say this vibrant tribe one of the assets of the county.

It is really beneficial for holiday makers that accommodation prices are quite cheap. One has to buy an air tickets for cheap flights to Nigeria to make his trip an economical tour. This is the reason most of the people like to travel in indirect flights as compare to the direct one. In this way they reduce the cost of air fares.

Nigeria has various naturally beautiful sites among them parks of Nigeria are really deserved to be visited once in the life course.

Gashaka-Gumti national park:

This is the largest park and spread on about 6000 sq kms. Rare species of animal can be seen here and have huge number of wild animal. A headquarter is established here for the care of wild life and protect them from the hunters. Hunting is restricted in the forest. There are many attraction in this park for visitors and to facilitate them here is beautiful guest house near to the headquarter.

After brief description of the main park let me tell you some other famous parks visitors like to visit are The Kainji national park, Cross river national park, Yankari national park and Oban hills.

One has to take flights to Nigeria for obvious view of the land. Because it is very difficult to me narrate here. Nigeria has four international airports to receive local and international flights.

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