Thursday, May 13, 2010

Famous Places In Nigeria

You can also visit the following famous places in the states of Nigeria.

Abia state:

National War Museum is famous which displays relics of the Nigerian civil war and inventions.

It is foremost electronics and indigenous technology.

It is famed for Blue River TouristVillage.

Uwana Beach Akwette:

It is known for its unique weaving industry,

Cross Rivers state

It has the latest tourist attraction in Nigeria. It is called the obudu cattle ranch. This place is heaven on earth, it the venue for the annual IAAF recognised marathon,where many international athletes have competed and are still competing.

Azumini Blue River Rose
Azurnini Blue River is situated in Abia State towards its border with Akwa lbom State. This River has turn out to be a resort for visitors because of the amiability it put forward. The smart features of this place are its translucent blue water; canoe rides; sandy beaches with resting facilities as seats and tables. At the seashore also, BBQ grill are available for picnickers.

Ibeno Beach

one of the many fine beaches in Nigeria is the Ibeno Beach in Akwa lbom State. A fan of water games comes across the Beach which extend to James town on the Atlantic most alluring.

Ogbunike Cave

Ogbunike Cave can be illustrated as the incredibly marvel of nature. The Cave, divided into segments, is established in Anambra State, few kilometres away from the Onitsha market town.

Rojenny Tourist Village

In Anambra State, just at the suburbs of Onitsha market town is found Rojenny Village, which is one of the major tourist spots in Nigeria. Among the many attractions of the village are amusement park, joy rides and sporting and leisuring facilities.

lgbo-Ukwu is an earliest town which has continued an enticement to tourists because of its bronze relics. The bronze which was first observed in 1938 was later exhumed by Thurstan Shaw, an English archaelogist.
The bronzes which are from about 9th century are of great worth because of their historic significance.

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