Friday, May 28, 2010

Flights to Abuja Nigeria

Nigeria’s most famous city and capital is Abuja. Abuja is very gorgeous and clean city of Nigeria. It is magnificently maintained, prosperous city and many executive edifice including, The Presidential Complex, National Assembly and Supreme Court are also positioned here.

Abuja is the national capital and a very calm and quiet city of Nigeria. Geography of Abuja is described by Aso Rock which is a 400-meter monolith left by water attrition.
Most countries transferred their embassies to Abuja, and many continue their previous embassies as consulates in Lagos, still the profit-making capital of Nigeria. Abuja is the head office of the monetary society of West African States.

Abuja has practiced vast population growth; it has been accounted that some districts around Abuja have been growing at 20 to 30% annually. Unlawful tenant settlements and towns have spread quickly in and outside the city confines. Tens of thousands of people have been expelled since former FCT Minister Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai started a annihilation campaign in 2003.

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport is the main airport serving Abuja and the surrounding capital region. It was named after Nigeria's first President, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. The airport has both international and domestic terminals and taking flights to and from Abuja.

It practices three climate conditions annually. This comprises a warm, moist rainy spell and a scorching dry season. In between the two periods, there is a short interval of harmattan occasioned by the North East Trade Wind, with the main attributes of dust smog, deepen frostiness and dryness. The rainy season is from April to October, when daytime temperatures get to 28-30 degrees and nighttime lows float around 22-23 degrees. In the parched season, daytime temperatures rise up to 40 degrees and nighttime temperatures can drop to 12 degrees, ensuing in cool evenings.

Famous attractions of Abuja are:millennium Tower headquarters, Nigerian Presidential Complex, Zuma Rock, Abuja International Conference Centre African Hall, Nigerian Communications Commission building, National Library, Maitama District home of the embassies, Abuja Stadium, NNPC towers, Castle of Law, National Mosque, Aso Rock, official residence of the President of Nigeria.

The number of flights to Abuja is quite low as compare to the Lagos. But there are some airlines like B.A, Arik which operate their schedule and cheap flights to Abuja, Nigeria

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