Monday, June 28, 2010

Direct flights to Lagos from UK

Lagos is a significant urban city located in the African Muslin state of Nigeria. Previously acting as the capital city, Lagos is the fastest growing city of Africa in terms of population. It is also the important trade and political center of the country. Lagos enjoys literally a serene, cool and entertaining atmosphere environment that’s why it is the first destination of tourists, while trip to Nigeria, Africa. So plan your trip to Lagos Nigeria now with us as we are granting you the direct flights to Lagos from UK on a fairly budget friendly flights deals. The colorful city offers lots of wide parks, cinemas, cafes, theatres, shopping malls, and nights bars.

Few tourists attraction in Lagos

Kuramo Sports Café - the colossal Café, located on the Victoria Island. It café offers numerous decks and bars beautifully adorned in various sports theme, also has a large screens displays important matches and music videos, plus the continental and Nigerian cuisine buffets and great water views.

Lekki Cponservation Center - Originated in 1990, on Lagos' Lekki Pennisula, the Lekki Conservation Centre, is intented to save the county’s delicate ecosystem for coming generations. Maxwell duikers, Mona monkeys, bush bucks, snakes and giant rats are just few of the animals in the centre.

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