Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flights to Johannesburg the capital of South Africa

One of the wealthiest cities and being the provincial capital of Gauteng, Johannesburg is the largest city of South Africa. Johannesburg is a major source provider of the international trade to South Africa and is also a house of constitutional court of country, the largest court in South Africa. People from all around the world love to spend their holidays in this city and buy their cheap flights to Johannesburg for this purpose. This city is also considered the world’s largest city which is not situated on a river, lake or a coast line. This city is also known as Jozi.

This city is also considered a major source of trade for Gold-traders because there are several gold mines in this city making this city a rich resource of money. For that reason thousands of gold traders and gold miners fly to this city and search for their cheap flights to Johannesburg for this purpose. Apart from that there are many other cities quite similar to Johannesburg which are rich in gold and diamonds for example Orange rivers is a perfect place in South Africa other then Johannesburg where there are several gold and diamonds mines considered the best among the world.

People from other African countries also wish to visit this city of South Africa. No doubt that this city is not one of three capitals of South Africa but this city is considered and given the same respect and place as equal to the financial and administrative capitals of the country. This also depicts that why many people all over the world try to buy their cheap flights to Johannesburg and prefer to work in this city other then any city of South Africa. Because of this reason the residential areas of the city are quite expensive and it is impossible to get a bed space in central business area of Johannesburg.

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