Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nigeria of Africa

One of the most significant states the region, Nigeria is positioned in West of Africa by the bay of Guinea. It is enjoying the status of 32nd largest country in the order of world’s largest countries. Abuja is the capital city whereas Lagos is the commercial and financial centre. Nigeria bears in the largest absorption of black natives on earth. From its up most region of Chappal Waddi at 2,419 m to its lower most end of Atlantic Ocean at 0 m, the country has a unique inspiring and amazing looks at every spot. Benin, Niger, Chad, Cameroon are the neighboring countries.

The country is the best pick for tourism and venture activities. As the local civilization is quite ancient i.e. dates back to 14th Century therefore an array of historic architectures, villages, wide breezy beaches, breadths of tropical forests, grand water bodies and absorbing historic sites are the notable features of Nigerian geography, pulls the hundreds of bold and wholehearted travelers from all over the globe and frequent bookings of flights to Nigeria are made for tourism and adventure trip to Nigeria.

The average climatic conditions of Nigeria are normally tropical with two major seasons that are rainy and dry. From April to October it gets the rainy season particularly the month of June sees the intense rainfalls and the wettest area being the east coast. Among November and March the conditions gets pretty dry and hot. The warm Harmattan winds from the Sahara desserts blows severely in the northeastern areas. It is suggested to the visitors to take the yellow fever inoculation before setting off for Nigeria flights; plus have in detail information about all the health requirements of travel to Nigeria because some vaccinations oblige about 2 to 3 weeks to be effectual accurately.

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