Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lagos Flighs and Sports in City

Lagos which represents Nigeria is always a source of providing recreation to the general public and thus has a good quality sports destination. Lagos has always been a key host with Abuja in any event whenever Nigeria has hosted any major event. Several sports which are popular in Lagos are football, cricket, rugby union, and many other professional sports are very popular. Football is a major sport and tourists traveling from all over the world with their cheap flights to Lagos always enjoy a lot in watching live soccer games with some outstanding play.

Similarly the craze of football never melts down as the world cup of football is always a source of fun and enjoyment as the craze of football fans increases higher and higher as the world cup approaches. Lagos being the co-host city with Abuja of all the contests between local and international football events earns millions of dollars during this competition but because of so many security threats many visitors are reluctant to go and watch live play and are avoiding cheap Lagos flights from London.

Quite similarly to football the game of Rugby Union is also considered one of the favorite sports in the city and according to history of sports in this region this game is considered one of the old sports of the country. Early the games like, cricket and football were not so much popular in the city but slowly and gradually these games and sports became the most popular ones in Lagos. Beside the high fever of football even today, the demand of Rugby union is not over and thousands of rugby fans come across to see the live competition of this game. The passionate people from all over the world travel to Lagos with their cheap Lagos flights in order to enjoy live competition and to support their favorite teams.

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