Monday, June 28, 2010

Direct flights to Lagos from UK

Lagos is a significant urban city located in the African Muslin state of Nigeria. Previously acting as the capital city, Lagos is the fastest growing city of Africa in terms of population. It is also the important trade and political center of the country. Lagos enjoys literally a serene, cool and entertaining atmosphere environment that’s why it is the first destination of tourists, while trip to Nigeria, Africa. So plan your trip to Lagos Nigeria now with us as we are granting you the direct flights to Lagos from UK on a fairly budget friendly flights deals. The colorful city offers lots of wide parks, cinemas, cafes, theatres, shopping malls, and nights bars.

Few tourists attraction in Lagos

Kuramo Sports Café - the colossal Café, located on the Victoria Island. It café offers numerous decks and bars beautifully adorned in various sports theme, also has a large screens displays important matches and music videos, plus the continental and Nigerian cuisine buffets and great water views.

Lekki Cponservation Center - Originated in 1990, on Lagos' Lekki Pennisula, the Lekki Conservation Centre, is intented to save the county’s delicate ecosystem for coming generations. Maxwell duikers, Mona monkeys, bush bucks, snakes and giant rats are just few of the animals in the centre.

We are dealing with such top airlines that are making you accessible the direct flights to Lagos from UK and through all the international airports such as Afriqiyah Airways, Iberia Air Lines, Alitalia Air Lines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Lufthansa Air Lines, Egypt Air, Arik Air Lines and mnay more.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cheapest flights from UK to Lagos

You can find the cheapest flights to Nigeria (from hundreds of airlines including Lufthansa, Delta and Air France) without having to enter specific dates or even destinations, making it the best place to find cheap flights for your trip.

Getting cheap flights to Nigeria may be a time taking concern. All necessities for tourists like cheap hotels, low prices to keep food-related items, car (taxi) is a tourist-friendly government's low fares and more important transport and other cities are easily accessible. So, It is well if someone may obtain the lowest possible fares for flights to Lagos Nigeria in summer vocations or high travel season. Because it is the most effective tool for saving money in your arms to get cheap flights ticket.

For saving money and to enjoy a wonderful trip to Nigeria one should prefer these cheapest airlines for the above mentioned destinations. These are the best available airlines for cheaper tickets. One can get cheap tickets for flights to Lagos Nigeria for travel in June and July, in which rain occurred heavily because this is rainy season. These are the months of the season which are off, in the travel industry. Meanwhile, the 12-month (December) is on season, airfare for flights to Lagos Nigeria from UK and from other destination are relatively higher. So advance booking in off-season is useful trick to get cheap flights from UK to Lagos as well as from any destination of the world.

Some of them are as follows:
Arik air
Air afriqiyah
KLM (The Dutch Airways)
Air France

Beside them many people also travel through British airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa,
Iberia airline, Air Alitalia, Turkish airways, Emirates and many others as well.
This all depends on the availability of seats and traveling period as in high season it’s just like a hard candy to eat to find the cheapest flights to Lagos Nigeria.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flights to Johannesburg the capital of South Africa

One of the wealthiest cities and being the provincial capital of Gauteng, Johannesburg is the largest city of South Africa. Johannesburg is a major source provider of the international trade to South Africa and is also a house of constitutional court of country, the largest court in South Africa. People from all around the world love to spend their holidays in this city and buy their cheap flights to Johannesburg for this purpose. This city is also considered the world’s largest city which is not situated on a river, lake or a coast line. This city is also known as Jozi.

This city is also considered a major source of trade for Gold-traders because there are several gold mines in this city making this city a rich resource of money. For that reason thousands of gold traders and gold miners fly to this city and search for their cheap flights to Johannesburg for this purpose. Apart from that there are many other cities quite similar to Johannesburg which are rich in gold and diamonds for example Orange rivers is a perfect place in South Africa other then Johannesburg where there are several gold and diamonds mines considered the best among the world.

People from other African countries also wish to visit this city of South Africa. No doubt that this city is not one of three capitals of South Africa but this city is considered and given the same respect and place as equal to the financial and administrative capitals of the country. This also depicts that why many people all over the world try to buy their cheap flights to Johannesburg and prefer to work in this city other then any city of South Africa. Because of this reason the residential areas of the city are quite expensive and it is impossible to get a bed space in central business area of Johannesburg.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nigeria of Africa

One of the most significant states the region, Nigeria is positioned in West of Africa by the bay of Guinea. It is enjoying the status of 32nd largest country in the order of world’s largest countries. Abuja is the capital city whereas Lagos is the commercial and financial centre. Nigeria bears in the largest absorption of black natives on earth. From its up most region of Chappal Waddi at 2,419 m to its lower most end of Atlantic Ocean at 0 m, the country has a unique inspiring and amazing looks at every spot. Benin, Niger, Chad, Cameroon are the neighboring countries.

The country is the best pick for tourism and venture activities. As the local civilization is quite ancient i.e. dates back to 14th Century therefore an array of historic architectures, villages, wide breezy beaches, breadths of tropical forests, grand water bodies and absorbing historic sites are the notable features of Nigerian geography, pulls the hundreds of bold and wholehearted travelers from all over the globe and frequent bookings of flights to Nigeria are made for tourism and adventure trip to Nigeria.

The average climatic conditions of Nigeria are normally tropical with two major seasons that are rainy and dry. From April to October it gets the rainy season particularly the month of June sees the intense rainfalls and the wettest area being the east coast. Among November and March the conditions gets pretty dry and hot. The warm Harmattan winds from the Sahara desserts blows severely in the northeastern areas. It is suggested to the visitors to take the yellow fever inoculation before setting off for Nigeria flights; plus have in detail information about all the health requirements of travel to Nigeria because some vaccinations oblige about 2 to 3 weeks to be effectual accurately.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lagos and cheap flights to Lagos

The sophisticated and multi cultural aspects of the metropolis have improved the visitors’ opportunities to arrange their vacations at the magnificent city of Nigeria, Lagos. The charming city guarantees its visitors with enthralling and alluring activities, geopolitical categorization and contemporary centre. Lagos is the most densely inhabited city in Nigeria with the population of around 8 million till 2006 so ranked as the second most populated conurbation of Nigeria. It is contributing a lot in the economy of the country and considered to be the most highly developing and growing city of Nigeria and also one of the most speedily developing cities in the entire world. Flights to Lagos are offering you quite reasonable and cheap air fares for traveling to this mesmerizing city.

With bulk of attractions, Lagos invites its tourists to explore the land of gorgeous shoreline, superb natural splendors, striking wild life, eye-catching smooth lands and lot more. The thing which you will experience more is its full of activity walk ways and roads and abundance of people. Now Lagos is presenting an entirely different phase of life with the fully boom tourism industry. Once you travel to the city, you will have lot more to see and do there. Lagos is ex-capital of Nigeria and due to its political and business significance; a lot of tourists are traveling to the city quite frequently. It is a vast city which is created on islands divided by brooks and resulted into many small islands like Lagos Island, Ikoyi Island, Victoria Island and Lekki Island. Lagos is packed with numerous dazzling sandy beaches by the Atlantic Ocean. Two of the most famous beaches are Bar Beach and Lekki Beach. Tourists are typically fascinated towards the wealthy and sophisticated culture of Nigeria, amusing and stimulating activities, and strength and vivacity which this city presents. Now search for quality traveling services provider which offers cheap flights to Lagos with market best airfares and economical holiday deals.